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Suited for Private and Small Businesses

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PLESK Windows Web Hosting

H-Sphere Web Hosting

Windows Reseller Packages

Welcome to WinHost. We specialise in ASP.NET Windows Hosting. Our packages listed above are perfectly suited for all your requirements. We have our own servers allowing us to customize any packages that you might require.

Our packages support both the PLESK Control Panel and H-Sphere Control Panel. We support both MSSQL and MySQL - depending on your requirement. We also have PLESK PowerPack installed allowing you additional bonuses such as Virus and Spam Protection, osCommerce and a whole bunch of other features, free of charge to you.

We also offer Windows Reseller packages which allow you full control and the ability to create web hosting packages are required. All our reseller hosting packages are co-branded which means that you are able to hide WinHost entirely and market your own brand! We also provide customized nameserver addresses allowing you to have a true unique brand! View our reseller plans or contact us for more information.

About Us: WinHost provides a no-nonsense, straight forward Windows Hosting and Domain Registrations (with hosting accounts) service. We operate from Cape Town, South Africa through our parent company, Circular Systems who have been in the web hosting industry for over 6 years. With a combined skills of both Linux and Windows enviroments we are able to offer you a well supported web hosting service.

cPanel Linux Hosting: We also offer a range of cPanel Linux based web hosting through our parent company. Take a look at our range of Linux hosting packages over at CIRCLE.

Contacting us is simple so give us a shout and we will answer all your sales and support questions.


instant account creation
Our automated account creation system ensures that your new web hosting package is setup at lightning speed! All accounts are setup and activated after initial payment has been received and your information has been verified. To speed up the process even faster, give us a shout - 021 556 9999
secure client area
All your information and account details are secure. We will only deal with the registered account holder. Once registered, you will have access to all your information including account related information, due dates, list of domains (including registration / expiry dates) and a history of all support / sales emails and more.
payment options
We accept all major credit cards. You are also more than welcome to setup your own stop order, make a cash deposit or electronic transfer. Upfront payments are also welcome and save on banking fees and monthly hassles. Annual payments generally qualify you for a few freebies such as free domain registrations, additional free extensions on your billing period and so forth.
The Network Infrastructure

Our servers are located in a top-notch, state-of-the-art datacenter. Here is some inside information on the facilities that we make use of:

"Our world-class multi-homed facility connects directly to Tier 1 backbones with diverse path connectivity and is supported by fully redundant environmental and power systems. Our staff of certified network engineers and technicians monitors our network and server operations continually around the clock.

It is a challenge to become a trusted provider and be recognized with reliability by users. Our facility is trusted by over 200,000 websites worldwide and is currently home to over 2,500 hosting servers. "

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